About Us

Aristech Surfaces® is the manufacturer of:

  • AVONITE®, a global leading brand of surface products for the construction industry. A pioneer in solid surfacing since 1983, we were the first to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colours at a time when the industry consisted of only pale neutrals. We continue to expand our line of offerings with innovative, spectacular colours and patterns for our customers.
  • Studio Collection™, made from a proprietary resin blend, this premier line offers a unique combination of transparent, translucent and opaque polymers blended to create a world of design possibilities.

AVONITE® and the Studio Collection™ offer the quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by commercial architects, designers, and fabricators for projects and applications across multiple industries around the globe.


Aristech Surfaces® is committed to producing the highest-value continuous cast acrylic and solid surface products in our market. We focus on delivering total operational excellence throughout the entire organization.

Our equipment gives us the capability to make extremely wide and long sheets of AVONITE®.

The Right Size programme allows customers a flexibility that our competition doesn’t offer – to cut costs, reduce waste, and save time in large commercial applications with exactly the right sized sheet they need for their project.