AVONITE® is committed to doing all we can to support the health and safety of our environment.

We were the first solid surface brand to introduce recycled solid surface products in 1996 and the first to obtain SCS Certification (40% and 16% recycled content). Our recycled products and SCS Certification is a part of our commitment to sustainable design. Recycled AVONITE® products are used by architects and designers in order to achieve LEED Certification and meet other green building standards.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system has emerged as an important force in today’s building industry, serving as a touchstone for those seeking to build high performance, more sustainable buildings. Our mission is to assist you in understanding all of the program’s ramifications and implementation challenges.

LEED Rating System

The USGBC LEED program offers third-party certification of qualifying buildings and interiors, high-performance design guidelines, and professional training and accreditation services. LEED was created to:

  • define “green building” by stablishing a common standard of measurement
  • promote integrated, whole-building design practices
  • recognize environmental leadership in the building industry
  • stimulate green competition
  • raise consumer awareness of green building benefits
  • transform the building market